R(evolution) — Megan Wildhood

You are Brothers now,Can you dig(itize) it? Al(gorithm),Ana(lytics), Ava(tar). From sea(rch) toshining sea(rch), every person(a) hasa mic(rosoft), each con(tent)the cur(ation). We are believers;We are Br(other)s. Partners in cri(me),real time, zoom, zo(om) to save… Continue reading

Word Flakes — Martina Reisz Newberry

What the metro signs offer,what the bus signs say,what the taxis and the shuttlestack on the back of seats,what the highway offers… Watch Your Feet (they might get away from you),Keep Your Eyes… Continue reading

Art Gallery — Mario Loprete

b-boy untitled ***Mario Loprete is an Italian artist. These works are created on concrete mediums.

A Raphael on a Mo-ped — Alice G. Waldert

In a museum in Romethere are rooms dedicated to Raphael’sMadonna and Child images that depict motherhoodas peaceful and serene so surreal for those of uswith wailing children in tow. But last summer while… Continue reading

Divisions of Loveliness — Hank Nadler

The scene: A room suggestive of a men’s locker room. There’s a bench in front of two standing lockers and upfront, stage left are two full-length wooden mirror frames, only the mirrors are… Continue reading

Art Gallery — Michael Buebe

***Michael Buebe is a poet from Galesburg IL. He focus on sonic poetry and often it’s visual construction on the page, or how both sound and vision play off of each other. Art… Continue reading

The Devil’s Garden — Elizabeth Spencer Spragins

Devil’s Garden, Arches National Park, Utah The devil gardens in hot sandAnd carves a crimson wonderland:Hoodoos stand with sightless eyes That stare into a savage ageWhen thunder lizards roared their rage,Caged in rock… Continue reading

Moving — Cezarija Abartis

            “Tomorrow we’ll begin reading Romeo and Juliet,” I remind them. A groan, of course. In the front of the room Cecilia sits up straighter. She has already read the first two Acts,… Continue reading

Prostrations — Lucia Cherciu

After Pierre Auguste Renoir’s Study, Torso, Sunlight Effect We should all have an artist paint our portraitbefore we get to the point of refusing to wear sleeveless shirts. We should all have a… Continue reading

Old Woman Rests Against Old Man — June Blumenson

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway A whole garden of stone.I run my fingers over rock facesof an old man and woman embracing. They look as if they would breakwith longing, hungry for touch.I… Continue reading

Waiting (in America) — Robert Walikis

WAITING (IN AMERICA) A Play in One Act CAST ADLEIGH:         Female. Two children. Partner in the military overseas. BENORICE:        Female. Single. Close to parents. Furloughed. CAMERON:        Female. Single mother.… Continue reading

Know All Your Enemies — John Sweet

didn’t have the balls tokill himself until the day he finally did,and then we laughed when we heardthe news and called him a coward called his girlfriend later on that weekto see if… Continue reading

Two Short Fiction Stories — Dale Stromberg

Done and Dusted He slipped on the road, dropped his box. All his apples spilled out. And we laughed at Clumsiness. I was with Bellatrix Sakakino on her deathbed. The room was kept… Continue reading

In Light Of Night — Michael Aliprandini

I. Daylight Shooting The bus driver took the bendy road, with diligent speed and consummate skill, up from the port of Rinella and around the base of one of Salina’s volcanoes before descending… Continue reading

Simplicity — Ken Gosse

My verses come from mud and claywhere elements of earth all playbeneath the flowers of your bowers. Made from granite, common stone,the words make skeletons of bone.Tied by sinews, each continues bringing life… Continue reading

Samara — Brad Shurmantine

The setting is a seedy, one-chair tattoo shop. A beaten-up easy chair dominates stage center. Next to it are an old kitchen chair and small tables containing the artist’s tools. Off to the… Continue reading

Sunset Sama — Maryam Shadmehr

We twirled our seven waistsand twisted our wrists,reaching one arm to the sky.Our mesmerized eyesgazed at coral mists,swirling through the clouds,keeping time with our dance. Skirts kissed the ground,then fluttered and floated —playing… Continue reading

Art Gallery — Jay Lynn Kelly

Avocadoes Hose Clamps ***Jay Lynn Kelly, a Texan born and raised, recently returned from living overseas; three years in Bangkok followed by two years in Istanbul. Between high school and the expat period,… Continue reading

Vigiling: for Qi Hong — Yuan Changming

I get up to greet the morning glow On this side of the planet when it’s high Time for you to go to bed on the other Or, you rise to embrace the… Continue reading

Omu-Raisu — Robert H. Kono

What the hell am I doing in this goddamn country?  thought Dick Honda, a Sansei Japanese American.  Japan is a defeated country.  It has nothing.  It’s a war-torn devastated land.  The major cities… Continue reading

Zooming Grandma — Sally Simon

Setting:  On stage right, there is a desk or table/chair combo.  On stage left, there is a couch or bean bag (something a teenager would lounge on) Time:  Present Scene opens with an… Continue reading

Orpeheus — Cordelia M. Hanemann

His voice scratches the twilight;the strings of his lyre taut and shrill.He plays death on the strings of night,wooing the lovely one who followedin the wake of his winsome song:the lacuna love he… Continue reading

Collective Courage — Ciaran Short

There’s a wall of NYPD officers in full riot gear staring down at us as we kneel on the sizzling concrete. Their stance is aggressive and they’re gently swinging their batons in a… Continue reading