in California, I am told
there were once three bridges
of sea-hollowed sandstone.
Only one remains now,
and it will erode
before long.

At breakfast, I read how
Dame Edith Sitwell
and Marilyn Monroe
read poetry aloud to each other.
In a black and white photo
they sit facing each other
from opposite ends of a sofa
patterned in loops and swirls,
eyes engaged as if they are
both leading and following,
circling and bridging
built perimeters.


M.S. Rooney lives in Sonoma, California with her husband, poet Dan Noreen. Her work appears in journals, including Blinders, Bluestem, The Cortland Review, Earth’s Daughters, Main Street Rag, Theodate, and 3:AM Magazine, and anthologies, including American Society: What Poets See, edited by David Chorlton and Robert S. King, and Journey to Crone, edited by S. Philip.