Remembrance of a Waltz — Sophie Paulette Jupillat

“Remembrance of a Waltz” was composed with the downfall of the Romanov dynasty in mind; its martial rhythm is meant to remind the listener of the uprising and violence of the new regime that pushed away the tsar’s family. Yet, there is a soft romantic echo of a waltz played in the Court when all was well, interlaced with the ever present slightly threatening martial feel. One can feel it is just a fading memory, a reminder of more peaceful times. All instrumental tracks (piano, violin, cello, crotales, percussion, clarinet and flute) are played by Sophie Paulette Jupillat.


Sophie Paulette Jupillat started composing at the age of 13 and now has 30+ orchestral works of all genres under her belt. She studied writing and music at Rollins College under the guidance of writers and poets Carol Frost and Peter Selgin, and composers/professors in residence Chuck Archard and Isidoro de Paula. Her poems have been featured in Scriblerus (Greenville’s Literary College Journal) and The Halcyon Magazine. Her prose poetry epic was one of the works presented in Festival Writer. Her musical compositions have been featured in Cahoodaloodaling and Art Saves Lives International, where she is now a featured artist.