Featured Artist — Kari Brinck


The creation of these small works on paper happens during my frequent travels. The diminutive format, 10×15 cm, lends itself well to international flights and constant moving around. The materials I use may be found in hotel rooms, cafés, or may be trash found on sidewalks. It could be local newspapers and magazines, tickets, or napkins. This naturally embeds a sense of the local culture and often includes political or social issues.

As with my larger oil paintings, I am inspired by current social and psychological issues in the countries I visit or live in. Although the same themes may be relevant and active in the different countries I visit, the angle and the level of intensity vary from country to country. This particular series of 12 small mixed media works on paper, explore the feeling of guilt, shame and fear that, although ephemeral, is present in Europe at the moment, as the member countries are struggling with an intensive wave of refugees and immigrants seeking existential security and a better future for themselves.

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Kari Brinck is an international artist who is currently living in California and is represented by GearBox Gallery in Oakland, CA. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in California. Her project 77 Lives was a solo exhibition in Copenhagen and was sponsored by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.