Antlers — Sophie Paulette Jupillat & Jose Rivera


Artist: Jose Rivera Medium: Ink and Watercolor Size: 7 x 9 paper


“I’ve always wanted antlers”
Now why would you say that daughter?
When you’re older, you’ll think again.

“I’ve always wanted antlers” you exclaim,
Loping outside like a degenerate spirit.
Long superb antlers glinting in the sun,
Extensions of your wild soul.
It would suit you well.
“You’re crazy” the others say.
But on you, I can understand.
To each his own,
“I’ve always wanted wings”.
Now I love your mother who keeps me
Trapped in her claws,
And you love a man who pinions you
With his antlers.
Careful what you wish for.
Let us find our wish again,
And let us rise as elk and falcon,
Father and Daughter, away, away.


Jose Rivera is an artist located in the Orlando, Florida area. In 2006, he received an Associate’s Degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University. After noticing the importance of a traditional arts background in the digital age, he began to pursue a self-taught skill set in traditional arts.

Sophie Paulette Jupillat studied writing and music at Rollins College. Her diverse works have been featured in Scriblerus, The Halcyon, Festival Writer, Cahoodaloodaling, Art Saves Lives International, Masque & Spectacle, Perspectives, Rocky Mountain Revival and Mulberry Fork Review.