Outpatient — Ema Dumitriu

My love for this language
Is custom-made Stockholm

>A feral flying swan
Its neck into the future
Its feet into the past

           (I love and bleed. Is that not
           how it is supposed to be?)

What’s living but forgetting
That every second I am

           (Loose in a non-English
           speaking country?)

I read your lips through
A telescope
It’s how I see the flared
Fireflies in your hair

Shield my eyes with aural
Hands from the underworld
Let me grow old
On a summer night as silent
As celestial detritus


Ema Dumitriu is a fledgling Romanian poet who has earned M.A. degrees in both English and Comparative Literature from University College London and King’s College London. Her poetry-making is spawned by a fascination with the English tongue, which turns into a deep longing whenever living in a non-English speaking country. She was an editor of The Caterpillar Chronicles and is currently working on a first collection of poems.