Letters of a Passenger — Jaro Minne

While exploring Baku I am spending the night at the homes of different families. Azeri’s are famously hospitable but I am more interested in what happens later at night, when I stop being the centre of attention. I am searching for a certain intensity and for spaces that describe somebody’s life, both real and imagined. I think, most importantly, the work is about intimacy, it’s about looking for an intimacy with my subjects. The project is a continuation of a similar ongoing project I work on in Tbilisi. The photographs of Baku will be exhibited as part of a Yarat group exhibition about gender identities.


Jaro Minne is a Belgian filmmaker and photographer who often works on the East-West cultural divide. His work combines intimacy with distance and is marked by a certain simplicity, slowness. Choosing for a subjective viewpoint, he explores a rudimentary form of narrative and the fine balance between the imaginary and the real.