WONDERFUL YEAR — Thomas Osatchoff

Through our lens gravity goes so
poof: history’s rewritten again. Just
give me a second then this is really strong
belief. Sobor churches are prisms splitting
sunlight. We’ll get some value from all the smoke
and fears. No never no – false moves as the coral
reefs keep quivering ever so gently in the wet
breeze though most of their family has been
burned alive. Steady nerves for a wonderful year.
The first Armenian bible in Amsterdam. Arriving
in Dhaka; a new great lake of fire and the falling
of the apple cooked in the City of London in the house
of a baker on Pudding Lane near London Bridge.
Old believers remain but I wouldn’t be physically…
mentally able to do it – humans? Component
colors for the art of painting. Fatally wounded
and bleeding into one another like a U2 song.


Thomas Osatchoff has resided in many places throughout the world where he has had the opportunity to develop his perspective.