Featured Artist — Franco Fajeti

“Franco Fajeti was born in a little city called Scandiano close to Reggio Emilia, Italy, on May 3, 1944. When he was young, he developed a passion for art by silently watching his father paint. Pencils and paintbrushes were his way of escaping a boring and lonely life; later on, he became obsessed with them. Step by step, painting and drawing became a system that allowed him to extract the deeper meaning hidden behind the appearance of his subject.

Fajeti believes that objects silently talk to us and that only if we stop to pay close attention to them, we are able to understand their words.

Houses twist on themselves while screaming silently to each other and roads move slowly like a thick flow of lava and bitumen. Drainpipes and gutters pulse alive like a nervous system, while in the high of the skies big groups of clouds create stormy seas upon our heads. With this technique roads, churches, and houses, well known during our lives, suddenly begin calling for listeners to tell them their own stories.”

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Franco Fajeti‘s atelier is located at
Via Rossena, 3/1
42125 – Reggio Emilia

He can be reached via email at francofajeti@libero.it