Featured Artist — Christine Mugnolo

“Saturday Morning Cartoons,” Charcoal & colored pencil, 2019



These new works return to my foundation in figure drawing to examine the rituals, trials and furies of childhood and sisterhood. Created from a combination of live models and memory, these images try to comprehend the agency and independence of their young subjects.

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Princess “Peach I,” Watercolor, 2019








My second series reimagines scenes taken from Princess Peach’s play in the NES game Mario II to embody the persistence and outbursts I witness in my own daughters. Princess peach’s penchant to hurl objects, explode in firey jumps, and climb skyward reminds me of their own daily hurdles.

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Christine Mugnolo is an Associate Professor of Studio Art at Antelope Valley College. Her most recent bodies of work have involved collaborations with poets and mapmakers, including “21 Tigers” and her series on the California Aqueduct system. She is currently finishing a dissertation in Visual Studies titled “The Adolescent in American Print.” This research examines the early 20th century fascination with the flailing guffaws of juveniles and adolescents, particularly in the burgeoning medium of comic strips.