Grand Prix — Paige Elizabeth Wajda

After Mario Kart

1: You are rocket start on a Peach Beach,
bump bitches you pass by, banana slipstream,
revving and swerving; mushroom drift.

2: You are cool contender, transforming
into Bullet Bill, avoiding bob-omb blasts,
a tour-de-force toadstool.

3: You are triumphant turtle, hurtling along
Desert Hills, quicksand sucking wildwing wheels,
staggering into second place.

4: You are tragic, ravaged by the rainbow road, 
shell-blitzed spinout, pushed into peril, lost,
coasting through the cosmos.


Paige Elizabeth Wajda is from California. She spent four years teaching English in Poland before earning a Master’s in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. Her work has recently been published in Star*Line Magazine, Polu Texni, Shoreline of Infinity, Dodging the Rain, Gravel, The Future Fire, The Passage Between, and elsewhere.