New List — Angela Rey

– Work out
– Walk the dogs
– Sleep less
– Be awake more
– Mark the seasons
– Rescue the yuppies
– Name your demons
– Bemoan the loss of your spatula
– Your transverse carpal ligament planned this from the beginning
– We are all trapped here, Robert
– Dreams are barbed wire conductors
– Shake the fucking baby because she stopped quoting bell hooks
– You are your worst dominatrix
– Eat your dasein and call it a living
– Your livid flash bulb retinal excretion is fading
– Tied to a pillow mask
– To avoid her
– Sleepless
– Dog the work
– Walk out


Angela Rey was born in Central Florida to a Cuban exile and Appalachian asylum seeker. She is the personal assistant to three dogs, runs a catch and release program for stray humans, and believes in the transformative power of table top gaming. When properly caffeinated, she helps produce a podcast (2Scientists) and writes.