Modern Lighting — Mike Buckius

Modern lighting is only effective if we have the ability to see things artificially. If the sun is
removed from the sky by say, a large, heavily gloved hand, then life becomes completely about
style. The interior becomes more important than the exterior. This has always been true. I’m only
credible because I remember how important the sun was in creating long shadows. They were a
stark reminder of aging. Only when they completely dissolved into night was it time to return to
the lamp. Modern lighting has no qualms about its purpose. It is not here to create shadows, it is
only here to illuminate the interior. Place hand to hand. Create modern touch. Light has gone out
of style.

Mike Buckius is a writer and filmmaker from Lancaster, PA. He earned his undergraduate degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, and his MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University. His work has appeared in Shrew, Ghost City Review, Write On, Downtown, and elsewhere. His first chapbook, Future Sarcasm, is forthcoming from Tolsun Books in the Fall of 2020.