My Father’s Face — Chandra Gurung

Two eyes glitter like the sun and the moon
In that face
A kite of self-confidence keeps flying
Beautiful orchids and rhododendrons always bloom
Combating the storms of calamities

On that face
A sun rises every morning to carry the burden of a new day
And returns, at the end of the day
Hiding every line of sorrows
Carrying little parcels of joy
Making the house and the patio bright

On that face
Narrow are the eyes that read the world
Pug is the nose that looms with raised self-respect
Wrinkled are the cheeks where joys and sorrows glide
Chapped are the lips, where smiles stage a march-past
And the entire Mongol identity has been smoldered by heat.

But I am delightful
Happy beyond telling
When everyone says:
“You look exactly like your father.”

Chandra Gurung is a Bahrain based Nepali poet. He has an anthology of poetry to his credit, published in 2007. His second collection of the translated poems titled My Father’s Face is coming soon from Rubric Publishing, New Delhi. His poems and some write-ups have been published in many esteemed online and print magazines including More of My beautiful Bahrain, Snow Jewel (USA), Collection of Poetry and Prose compiled by Robin Barratt (UK), (USA) and many leading Dailies in Nepal. He was awarded “Asvikrit Bichar Sahitya Samman” in 2016 for his contributions to Nepali poetry from abroad and has participated in the First Dhaka Translation Festival-2018 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.