Pandemic Symphony — Sonnet Mondal

The windswept mirages of April
are starving the city-memories.

Occasionally, they simmer
to bathe in the Nor’westers.

The balconies and windows
of my house bring in impulses –

Sounds of TV serials, some news debates,
a distant music, a raucous quarrel,
a mixed smell of dinner …

Inside, the snoring of my dog plays
with the tireless squeaking of the ceiling fan.

A pen scratches on paper

while the songs of insects try
to lift the mist
settling lazily over the city.

On the horizon, permeating the night –
a symphony of the almost quiet.

Sonnet Mondal is an Indian poet, editor, and author of Karmic Chanting (Copper Coin 2018) and Ink and Line (Dhauli Books 2018). Founder director of Chair Poetry Evenings – Kolkata’s International Festival, Mondal edits the Indian section of Lyrikline (Haus für Poesie, Berlin) and serves as editor in chief of the Enchanting Verses Literary Review. He has been a guest editor for Words Without Borders, New York, Poetry at Sangam, India, and was one of the directors of the Odisha Art and Literature Festival in 2018. His works have been translated into Hindi, Bengali, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Slovak, Macedonian, French, Russian, Slovenian, Hungarian, and Arabic.