Til — Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Til the last light left the sky
I thought about the silence
in my home, how the years
would sneak by like mice
across the field; and in my
solace outside my window,
I gazed at the tiny clouds
of gnats fly thick as stars,
nothing to do with my idle
time. No future to look forward
to, my heart greying, growing
cold as a sunset as the months
go by, and I never knew it would
take so long for me to die. I’d
love to witness a ray of beauty
once again like the morning
sun stemming from lemon to
deepest gold, feel the gentle,
shy push that once nudged me
to a heaven of good I’d had
before so long ago.

Bobbi Sinha-Morey‘s poetry has appeared in a wide variety of places such as Plainsongs, Pirene’sFountain, The Wayfarer, Helix Magazine, Miller’s Pond, The Tau, Vita Brevis,Cascadia Rising Review, Old Red Kimono, and Woods Reader. Her books of poetry are available at Amazon.com and her work has been nominated for Best of the Net in 2015 and the Best of the Net 2018 Anthology Awards hosted by Sundress publications. Her website is located at http://bobbisinhamorey.wordpress.com.