Joshua’s Salvation Retold — Curtis Brown

(Excerpts taken from Sunday Times article on Anthony Joshua’s Black Lives Matter Protest speech – June 7 2020)

Impassioned plea
fallout of the death

silent on the senseless
black owned
postcode war

burning down shops
to be united
where it hurts

taken my street
100 per cent
way, way too long

catalyst in a list
include black lives

speak out at peaceful
sly racism

turn it
in a brace
for almost nine minutes

show them
knee to his throat
of no immediate concern

be real with
realise it is done

virus spreading
in my DNA

legit hustler
another life
fighting for every life

skin colour
posted on his Instagram

the corporate world
invest in black
in light of the reaction

inject the vaccine
sit back and
lost consciousness
my blood.


Curtis Brown is a creative based in London, UK who believes in the promiscuity of poetry. He tell tales using various mediums, and loves the fact that poetry permeates them all. His work can be found in London Grip, This Present Former Glory: An Anthology of Honest Spiritual Literature (Print), and elsewhere.