Madness — Petra F. Bagnardi

Look at them! Those young souls who escaped the great war.
They don’t recognize my spirit hidden behind these smelly rags.
Mechanical dummies!
Basking in the fake sunlight of financial security.
Everything fades out, but the persistent imagination.
Marvellous marionettes!
I know, for once I was the creator of the fantastical.
I owned the temple of magic, where I made the impossible visible.
Crowds fell for my illusions, for they believed them real.
Captive fools!
They loved my sirens swimming in the skies;
my trains breaching the clouds; and my star films.
Devil’s head!
I played with oceans and fires, until the true conflict exploded.
Now, I am ruins, I am dreams, I am madness.

Poem inspired by Georges Melies’ works and life.


Petra F. Bagnardi is a TV screenwriter, a theater playwright and actress, and a poet. Her work was short-listed in the Enfield Poets’ Twentieth Anniversary Poetry Competition. Writing as Petra March, she won several awards and honors. She is also a Library Journal Self-e Select author.