A Raphael on a Mo-ped — Alice G. Waldert

In a museum in Rome
there are rooms dedicated

to Raphael’s
Madonna and Child

images that depict motherhood
as peaceful and serene

so surreal for those of us
with wailing children in tow.

But last summer while sauntering
on a tree shaded path

a woman appeared,
on a sky-blue mo-ped,

a gold helmet covered
long ruddy hair,

that billowed behind her
like a veil.

In an orange sling,
she held a young child

with curly red hair
fluttering in the breeze.

His dimpled face and pudding
cheeks–contentedly rested

against her rising breast.
When the mo-ped whirred past me

I noticed her serene Madonna smile
the kind only icons can sustain.

Alice G. Waldert
is an art enthusiast and poet. Her works have appeared in Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Voice of Eve, Poet’s Choice and is forthcoming in Survival Lit and Sisyphus Literary Journal. She taught English at Westchester Community College and holds an MFA.