Old Woman Rests Against Old Man — June Blumenson

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway

A whole garden of stone.
I run my fingers over rock faces
of an old man and woman embracing.

They look as if they would break
with longing, hungry for touch.

I will be like this someday.

But for now, the cold stone warms
to my hand, and these mammoth
creatures loom like gods
forging the human spirit immeasurable.

June Blumenson
is the author of A Scythe of Moon (2020 Kelsay Books). She is widely published in literary journals and has won several awards and prizes. From her long career providing mental health services, she brings a deep empathy to her writing, even to inanimate objects as evidenced in Old Woman Rests Against Old Man. She teaches occasional poetry classes and facilitates critiquing workshops in Minneapolis.