R(evolution) — Megan Wildhood

You are Brothers now,
Can you dig(itize) it?

Ana(lytics), Ava(tar).

From sea(rch) to
shining sea(rch),

every person(a) has
a mic(rosoft),

each con(tent)
the cur(ation).

We are believers;
We are Br(oth

Partners in cri(me),
real time, zoom, zo(om)

to save the world
from the world.

Megan Wildhood
is a neurodiverse lady writer in Seattle who helps her readers feel genuinely seen as they interact with her dispatches from the junction of extractive economics, mental and emotional distress, disability and reparative justice. She hopes you will find yourself in her words as they appear in her poetry chapbook Long Division (Finishing Line Press, 2017) as well as The Atlantic, Yes! Magazine, Mad in America, The Sun, and  elsewhere. You can learn more at meganwildhood.com.