Simplicity — Ken Gosse

My verses come from mud and clay
where elements of earth all play
beneath the flowers of your bowers.

Made from granite, common stone,
the words make skeletons of bone.
Tied by sinews, each continues

bringing life unto the whole;
each unique in its own role;
each has its say in its own way.

None are jade or marble vase
but all bring beauty into place;
perhaps a smile for a while.

They’re not carved by mystic faeries,
tinted with the choicest berries,
yet imbued and rainbow hued.

The words are simple, known to all,
and most are easy to recall,
like a jingle in which mingle

images and thoughts with sound
and memories where they’ll abound
and walk with you through old and new.

They’ll add comfort to your days,
a touch of brightness to your ways
because you’re there and dare to care.

Ken Gosse
prefers writing metric, rhyming, light verse. First published in FLR–East in 2016 and since then by Pure Slush, Spillwords, The Ekphrastic Review, and others. Raised in the Chicago suburbs, now retired, he and his wife have lived in Mesa, AZ, over twenty years with rescue dogs and cats underfoot.