Early Music–Robert Estes

We lay on the floor
in one of the tiny
piano-practice rooms.
We had to take what
we could find those days.
In loco parentis was the rule.
She would reach up and depress
a few keys every once in a while
to maintain the fiction
of music being made.
“I hate fucking,” she said.

That was in the first movement,
played, so to speak, by amateurs
who scarcely knew their parts.
Allegretto accarezzévole marked
the section that came next, but
details of its passionate concords
are lost to memory’s merging,
while that old dissonance survives.

Robert Estes, who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, got his PhD in Physics at UC Berkeley and had some interesting times doing physics, notably on a couple of US-Italian Space Shuttle missions. His poems have recently appeared in The Moth, Gargoyle, The Main Street Rag, Third Wednesday, Evening Street Review, SLANT, Blue Unicorn, and the anthology Moving Images: Poetry Inspired by Cinema.