Egress–Mike Dillon

There’s a path through the woods
dappled with the bright shillings of sunlight
before the woods deepen and the afternoon darkens —
the path I’ve been on since my first breath
sipped our cryptic aloneness.

I will keep walking until the forest gloaming opens out
to a wide sheen of water, an enigmatic mix
of fresh and salt, where a blue dory
roped to a willow, waits — oars shipped,
provisioned for a long journey.

And I will row away from the world’s Janus gaze.
With each stroke the distance will grow
between my name and the wounds I left behind.
And I will pull harder away from the abyss
of my deepest-down fear: Love’s open arms.

Mike Dillon
lives in a small town on Puget Sound northwest of Seattle. His most recent book is a
chapbook, The Return, from Finishing Line Press (2021). He is a previous contributor to Masque
& Spectacle