Kairos (Fragment)–Stephen C. Middleton

Kairos – the propitious moment
Real time and field recording
From the rain forest,
(Or) Basque & Black Sea bagpipes
Haunted charts
Interpolating & interacting
Beyond appropriation
Ancient, vibrant, jump cutting
With love, & work the brittle chance

Filtered through a faith I cannot share
(But can feel)
Exploding out of Coltrane, Tyner, Rivers

Fleeting moments
The mysteries of the quickfire
Half-life, overload
Higher partials
Real time (with tangents).

Stephen C. Middleton
is a writer working in London, England. He has had five books published, including A Brave Light (Stride) and Worlds of Pain / Shades of Grace (Poetry Salzburg). He has been in several anthologies, including Paging Doctor Jazz (Shoestring), From Hepworth’s Garden Out (Shearsman, 2010), and Yesterday’s Music Today (Knives Forks and Spoons, 2015). For several years he was editor of Ostinato, a magazine of jazz and jazz related poetry, and The Tenormen Press. He has been in many magazines worldwide. He is currently working on projects (prose and poetry) relating to jazz, blues, politics, outsider (folk) art, mountain environments, and long-term illness.