Squirrel–John Grey

Of all the critters
in the animal kingdom,
the squirrel is my closest relative.
Not the great ape
but the gray-furred,
bushy-tailed, dark-eyed rodent
with the yellow teeth.
He’s the one who shares
my plot of land,
raises his family
in the tree that overlooks my house.
Like a mooching brother-in-law,
he eats whatever of mine
he can nibble on.
Also like that brother-in-law,
he screams for me
to bail him out
if some stray cat
ventures into the yard.
We have nothing in common
but that’s the way it often is
with creatures that breathe
the very same air.
Nor does he inspire me,
which is why
I’ve written at least
ten thousand poems
before I got around
to this ode to his royal squirrel-ness.
Nothing unusual about that.
I’ve got cousins
who’ll have to wait
until my twenty thousandth.

John Grey
is an Australian poet, US resident, recently published in Sheepshead Review, Stand, Poetry Salzburg Review and Hollins Critic. Latest books, Leaves On Pages, Memory Outside The Head, and Guest Of Myself are available through Amazon. Work upcoming in Ellipsis, Blueline, and International Poetry Review.