Friend Request from a Late Artist–Mark J. Mitchell

In memory of Suzie O.

Well, I’m glad you asked. Your face blooms. My eyes
were briefly surprised before the sad fact

returned me to morning. I get to miss
you again, lost sister. I’ll choose a form—

this one—so you’ll know I keep my tools sharp
in case some dark ghost asks. I’ll let them know

you still burn in me. The cruel, cold trick
stings like a flick of light. I only see

because you once showed me flowers—close-up—
dandelions cupped by pavement, so low

and close. I’ll refuse the request and close
this machine. Who knows. It might have been you.

Mark J. Mitchell
has worked in hospital kitchens, fast food, retail wine and spirits, conventions, tourism, and warehouses. He has also been a working poet for almost 50 years. An award-winning poet, he is the author of five full-length poetry collections, and six chapbooks. His latest collection is Something To Be from Pski’s Porch Publishing. He is very fond of baseball, Louis Aragon, Miles Davis, Kafka, Dante, and his wife, activist and documentarian Joan Juster. He lives in San Francisco, where he once made his marginal living pointing out pretty things. Now, he is seeking work once again. He can be found reading his poetry here: FB: MarkJMitchellwriter Twitter: @Mark J Mitchell_Writer