2 poems — Karen Craigo

DAISIES, LILIES, A COUPLE OF CARNATIONS Another guest has left behind her flowers, so the proprietor has brought me a bouquet. There is grace in wearing out your fragrance, in standing until you… Continue reading

drawings, mostly vehicles and a couple of trash cans — Cooper Renner

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Glissando; Or, The Art of Cruelty will be performed by the Milena Theatre Group at the James Devin Moncus Theatre, Lafayette, in January 2015 with the following cast: ANTON CHEHOV* Jason Knight EMMA… Continue reading

2 poems — Ace Boggess

Winter Morning leaves rustle in chill wind deep- throated winter birds that sing in whispers

MILLENNIUM — Laura Krughoff

December, 1999. I don’t remember saying anything to my friend, Kathleen, about not wanting to spend New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend, Corey, but I must have. Corey and I were about to graduate from college and I needed to figure out if ours was a college relationship or if I should be taking him seriously when he talked about marriage. Our relationship, and our future, was complicated by the fact that we’d had our hearts broken by some of the same girls.


And though I am rosy and hale, I am no Sisyphus. I understand that you are desperate, that you are in a tight spot, but I cannot help you. My time is valuable, more valuable than you can imagine. I don’t lend it out to just anyone. Besides, we hardly know one another.

3 poems — Jerry McGuire

THE INFIDELS Though we have not decided yet, although we know the rebels just have come across the playgrounds and junkyards at the edge of the city and now hold the library and… Continue reading