Omu-Raisu — Robert H. Kono

What the hell am I doing in this goddamn country?  thought Dick Honda, a Sansei Japanese American.  Japan is a defeated country.  It has nothing.  It’s a war-torn devastated land.  The major cities… Continue reading

Zooming Grandma — Sally Simon

Setting:  On stage right, there is a desk or table/chair combo.  On stage left, there is a couch or bean bag (something a teenager would lounge on) Time:  Present Scene opens with an… Continue reading

Orpeheus — Cordelia M. Hanemann

His voice scratches the twilight;the strings of his lyre taut and shrill.He plays death on the strings of night,wooing the lovely one who followedin the wake of his winsome song:the lacuna love he… Continue reading

Collective Courage — Ciaran Short

There’s a wall of NYPD officers in full riot gear staring down at us as we kneel on the sizzling concrete. Their stance is aggressive and they’re gently swinging their batons in a… Continue reading

Who you callin’ a bender? — Roy Duffield

They saw a dog. They wanted its knees to bend the same way as theirs so they broke that dog’s legs. ***Roy Duffield is the art editor over at Anti-Heroin Chic, a winner… Continue reading

Shaeffer’s Notion of Beauty — Pete Mladinic

Bombs turn a building to rubble,rescuers findan arm, a leg. In a mall a maniac fires a rifle,leaving in his wakedead children. Hate manifestosall over the Internet,in the world there is danger: a… Continue reading

An Irreversible Loss — Adrienne Pine

On the second day of the new year, I was driving the back road from Millerton to our country home in Boston Corners. The sky was cloudy and overcast, and a dull whitish… Continue reading

Leaves in December — Michael Lee Johnson

Leaves, a few stragglers inDecember, just before Christmas,some nailed down crabbyto ground frost,some crackled by the biteof nasty wind tones.Some saved from the matchstickthat failed to light.Some saved from the rakeby a forgetful… Continue reading

Their Words In My Mouth — Anna Postelnyak

their words in my mouthgnaw at my tonguetill I cry out in painand spilltheir words in my mouthpry at my lipstill I vomit your pleasureand filltheir words in my mouthpoison my breathtill I… Continue reading

How has liberalism changed over the course of the twentieth century? — Neelam Shah

Since the 17th century liberalism has been the source of political progress in the Western World.  The ideas that rights set a limit on the legitimate power of government is a liberal idea.… Continue reading

Witness — David Milley

(From 1960-1965, my family attended two churches) Pastor Jones whispered Sunday homily that day.We came straight home. Mom went to bed.Dad sat in his chair,said nothing,stared ahead,then held out his hand to me.Another… Continue reading

Review: Chase Dimock’s Sentinel Species

by C. Kubasta Chase Dimock’s Sentinel Species (Stubborn Mule Press, 2020), a poetry collection subtitled a “bestiary” is richly animalled with dogs and birds and apes – all the creatures of the world… Continue reading

The Model — Lauren Vandewalle

I was a nice person once, a ‘normal’ person. Now here I am, handcuffed to my therapist’s chaise longue, pondering my catastrophic fall from some repressed Mary Sue to whatever I am now,… Continue reading

Joshua’s Salvation Retold — Curtis Brown

(Excerpts taken from Sunday Times article on Anthony Joshua’s Black Lives Matter Protest speech – June 7 2020) Impassioned pleafallout of the death unarmedsilent on the senselessblack ownedpostcode war burning down shopsto be… Continue reading

Running the Red Light — Joanne Alfano

at the cornerof hate and hypocrisya predator swallows usand unleashesgenerations of anger only a dynamic people,brave politicians,and policies thatreach through racism can seize the nation’s heart, can challenge frustration,oppression,voter suppression and chase freedom… Continue reading

Barriers — Pam Knapp

(an audio version of this poem can be accessed through the Loud Voices Silent Streets youtube channel in their “illusion” series) The barriers aren’t there                         They’re walls of thin airBuilt by ourselves to… Continue reading

Missing You — Edward Supranowicz

***Edward Michael Supranowicz is the grandson of Irish and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants. He grew up on a small farm in Appalachia. He has a grad background in painting and printmaking. Some of his artwork… Continue reading

Review: Mike Jurkovic’s AmericanMental

by Maggie Finch The poetic language found in AmericanMental by Mike Jurkovic (Luchador Press, 2020) can best be described as urgent. Within his poetry, Jurkovic describes a man who wants his space to… Continue reading

Putney Brahman — Anish Rohan Shah

I remember Joshua as square and hulking with unusually thick forearms. He’s slimmer now and yet still owns the space around him, as if he is carrying a kind of phantom mass that… Continue reading

Caste in Stone? — Andy Conner

(This is the first section of a longer poem. For the complete work, please contact the author). As an outsider looking inFrom the top of my ivory towerI’ll come cleanAnd begin by admittingWhite… Continue reading