Pandemic Symphony — Sonnet Mondal

The windswept mirages of Aprilare starving the city-memories.Occasionally, they simmerto bathe in the Nor’westers.The balconies and windowsof my house bring in impulses –Sounds of TV serials, some news debates,a distant music, a raucous… Continue reading

Primal Instinct — Thomas Piekarski

Brazenly preternatural                     and antitheticalcanonical light                  integrates withclashing gasses               way beyonddigitized… Continue reading

What a day to be alive — Corey Hill

What a day to be aliveAs in not yet deadYet it’s always just yetCreeping in from the cornersPanic flyers, bugs of discontentYou still have skies Water and bird soundsFor now, it’s always for nowEither… Continue reading

the faces of daffodils — Rob Plath

in the cemetery walking alone i knelt down to photograph the daffodils when i heard voices “aren’t they beautiful?” it was two old ladies walking down the path behind me “yes,” i said… Continue reading

The Inkwell of Loneliness — Flora Jardine

Sometimes the name they give you is all wrong. I was named Eva “after the first woman,” according to my mother. It has always seemed an odd choice, considering what happened to Eve,… Continue reading

Strangers, or Les Inconnus — Anne Marie Wells

CAST OF CHARACTERS ANDY – Young American tourist in France. He speaks no French. He’s kind of naive, but very friendly. NADINE – Elderly French local. She speaks no English. She’s kind of… Continue reading

Editorial note

I would like to personally thank and dedicate this issue to Heather Momyer, Founder and previous Editor-In-Chief of Masque and Spectacle. This literature and arts magazine was Heather’s vision for many years. We… Continue reading

Fabri Fibra — Mario Loprete

*** Mario Loprete is a Graduate at Accademia of Belle Arti, Catanzaro (ITALY). Painting for him is the first love. Pure love. Creating a painting, starting from the spasmodic research of a concept… Continue reading

Putting Me Together — Linda Imbler

People I’ve known, their faces remembered only in deepest dreams, a highway of human automobiles speeding through my mind Emotional yo-yos of memories bounce like balls on a court. Bringing smiles or tears,… Continue reading

New List — Angela Rey

– Work out – Walk the dogs – Sleep less – Be awake more – Mark the seasons – Rescue the yuppies – Name your demons – Bemoan the loss of your spatula… Continue reading

2 Photographs — Edward Lee

Click images to enlarge. *** Edward Lee‘s poetry, short stories, non-fiction and photography have been published in magazines in Ireland, England and America, including The Stinging Fly, Skylight 47, Acumen and Smiths Knoll.… Continue reading


               As I write this, a narcissist holds the highest office in our country. The narcissistic personality is one with which I am all too familiar, for… Continue reading

2 Poems — Stephanie Athena Valente

Merry Widow pour honey in a voicemailagreement & olfactory neurons the latin word for lucky scenti hate perfume, but who do you use?put me in short videos how much does organic content cost?the… Continue reading

GRIEF SONATA — Syble Heffernan

Part 1: The Exposition August 29, 2019. It is an average morning by all accounts; I am both a university student and a writer, fervent in the mission to abandon every relative truth… Continue reading

Blue Quarry — John Grey

If it was just the blue of the sky that would be one thing but it’s the blue of the minerals in the soil, and the eyes of the girl I took down… Continue reading

The Birds in Silhouette — Ann Gaygan

*** Ann Gaygan is a graduate of School of Visual Arts in New York City and has worked as a graphic designer, information technology specialist, and in administration for higher education.

Hitchcock Asks Tippi to Star in The Birds — Shari Caplan

Maybe I model, but I do sweat when a movie mogul slides a black box across at Liz Taylor’s favorite restaurant. Order the chili, he commands, massive hands a temple mid-table. In the… Continue reading

POE AND CHIVERS — Anne Whitehouse

  “There’s a fine line between clever and stupid.”                                                                             –“This is Spinal Tap”              Poe’s association with Thomas Holley Chivers, a poet who idolized him and… Continue reading

On Marie Blanchard’s “Woman with a Fan” — Diane Kendig In the Reina Sofia Museum of Madrid North of here, in the Palace of Catalan Music Hall, fans froth its matinee audience, plain and lacy, some sold to match its stained glass… Continue reading

2 Stories — Mike Dillon

April 10, 1963 I first heard the word “Jew” said in that certain way on April 10, 1963 when I was twelve. I know the exact date because on the short drive to… Continue reading