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Belonging — Laurence Klavan

ROLAND, uncouth, thirties, stands at the door. He is near MERRY, more refined, also thirties, whose place it is.                                                 ROLAND I just want you to know:  I’m not the kind of man who… Continue reading

Troubles That Bind (or, Poison): A Ten-Minute Play — John Patrick Bray

Characters: Platform Actors (4 actors, any age, any ethnicity; their lines are not given out individually; rather, it is up to the director/choreographer to work with the performers to figure out which lines… Continue reading

For the Care and Control of the Insane — Jen Rouse

SYNOPSIS Hummingbird Girl is a poet going through the process of electroconvulsive therapy. Though the process is standard and she is merely surrounded by doctors and nurses, Hummingbird Girl is plagued by images… Continue reading


Glissando; Or, The Art of Cruelty will be performed by the Milena Theatre Group at the James Devin Moncus Theatre, Lafayette, in January 2015 with the following cast: ANTON CHEHOV* Jason Knight EMMA… Continue reading