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Free Hands — Heather Durham

I tasted blood. Must have been picking at my lips again. Scraping that bump in the middle of my top lip as if to smooth a seam, or pulling away any chapped strips.… Continue reading

Because we cannot know — LeeAnn Pickrell

Because we cannot know, we keep walking, keep getting up each morning, drinking coffee. Because we cannot know, I’m drinking coffee that morning in Thailand, not on the beach but just off, because… Continue reading

Winter: Welcome When He Goes — Brooke Larson

In early summer I woke up in bed with a spanking new brain. I had just come back to Arizona from Utah, a land where spring is too chicken to push back against… Continue reading

Why Monet Still Matters — Nicole Pekarske

I didn’t know until I saw them live, in situ, that the greatest Waterlilies were not flat, rectangular paintings but huge curved panels muraling a series of oval rooms. You go to the… Continue reading

Arroz Caldo — Ryan Montoya

Filipino Arroz Caldo is a rice porridge dish comprised of chicken, fish sauce, garlic, and ginger, occasionally garnished with scallions. Thicker than chicken noodle soup, thinner than rice congee, its ubiquity in the… Continue reading

Watchers — Thomas Bauerschmidt Sweeney

My childhood Eden was my grandparents’ lake house. Nestled into the heart of Bemus Bay on Chautauqua Lake, the big house and the little house as we called them, and a yard big… Continue reading

Homing In — Hilary Schaper

Though Smith Family Tidbits sat on the closet shelf for years, that day—for whatever reason—it caught my eye. Its crumpled and folded pages, some ripped from the three-ring binder and pressed together at… Continue reading