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Winter: Welcome When He Goes — Brooke Larson

In early summer I woke up in bed with a spanking new brain. I had just come back to Arizona from Utah, a land where spring is too chicken to push back against… Continue reading

A Young Man’s Journey to the Homeland: An excerpt from Arra S. Avakian’s diary of a trip to Europe and Armenia in 1935 — Introduction by Armine Mortimer

In 1934, under President Roosevelt, the United States recognized the Soviet Union, and travel to the Soviet Socialist Republics became possible. Armenia in 1935 was not technically a Soviet Socialist Republic, but was… Continue reading

Mementos from Tusheti — Andrew Wernette

From afar, they seem to emulate romantic Native Americans: two young lads shouting their horses on as they ride bareback, the hooves thudding into the soft road that cuts through the open pasture.… Continue reading

RHODES TOWN — Mark Lewandowski

I found myself wandering Rhodes Old Town not too long ago, and even though it was my fourth time there in the past week, I was satisfyingly lost within ten minutes. Twilight oozed… Continue reading

2 essays — Dustin Parsons

FRUIT FLY EXTERMINATION She’s been collecting jam jars and jelly jars and jars that you don’t remember the contents of but were probably curry sauces or pickles or something suggested by the shape… Continue reading

MILLENNIUM — Laura Krughoff

December, 1999. I don’t remember saying anything to my friend, Kathleen, about not wanting to spend New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend, Corey, but I must have. Corey and I were about to graduate from college and I needed to figure out if ours was a college relationship or if I should be taking him seriously when he talked about marriage. Our relationship, and our future, was complicated by the fact that we’d had our hearts broken by some of the same girls.