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Featured Artist — Tony Belobrajdic

  Click images to enlarge.   *** Born in Croatia in 1958, Tony Belobrajdic is a full-time figurative artist. He started exhibiting in late seventies and had his first solo show in 1983,… Continue reading

Featured Artist — Christine Mugnolo

    These new works return to my foundation in figure drawing to examine the rituals, trials and furies of childhood and sisterhood. Created from a combination of live models and memory, these… Continue reading

3 Paintings — Elisabetta Martignetti

    *** Elisabetta Martignetti’s work is inspired by fairy tales, literature, comics and manga, cartoons and anime, magic and nature. Her style has been described as “girly nostalgic punk’ with themes on… Continue reading

Featured Artist — Vincenzo Amicone

  “The Glass of Wine” Tribute to Johannes Vermeer Oil on Canvas, 75 x 65 cm 2016 To give meaning to his “compressed” or “wavy” works, Amicone says we must leap into the… Continue reading

Featured Artist — Franco Fajeti

“Franco Fajeti was born in a little city called Scandiano close to Reggio Emilia, Italy, on May 3, 1944. When he was young, he developed a passion for art by silently watching his… Continue reading

5 Paintings — Sandy Coomer

“These pieces are acrylic pour paintings created by combining acrylic paint with various substrates and silicone oil. The layers of paint react within the mixture according to their density and form an abstract… Continue reading

Featured Artist — Petra Lea

Click Images to Enlarge *** Petra Lea is a professional artist based in the UK at The Electric Picture House Artists Cooperative. She exhibits throughout the UK and USA including New York, London… Continue reading

Miniatures, Illustrations & Coats of Arms — Emir Burjanadze

  Click Images to Enlarge *** Emir Burjanadze (1937 – 2014) studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts and worked as an architect in the Industrial Graphics Department of the Technical… Continue reading

12 Paintings — Guram Khetsuriani

Click Images to Enlarge *** Guram Khetsuriani graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts with a concentration in painting. His work has been exhibited in Tbilisi,United States, Lithuania and through other European… Continue reading


    it looks like winter out the roofs are covered over with broad sheets of snow an overcast sky is half day- light and half still night a loft of pigeons circles… Continue reading

Featured Artist — Kari Brinck

ARTIST STATEMENT The creation of these small works on paper happens during my frequent travels. The diminutive format, 10×15 cm, lends itself well to international flights and constant moving around. The materials I… Continue reading

Featured Artist — Jyl Bonaguro

ARTIST STATEMENT: My artwork focuses on the concepts of industrialization, beauty and immortality. I examine and deconstruct the effects of industrialization with pre-industrial materials and techniques such as a hammer and chisel for… Continue reading

8 Paintings and Drawings — Vu Tran

  *** Growing up messing with pencils and papers, Vu Tran developed a passion for fine arts. He decided to focus on his talent for painting when he was 17. Three years later,… Continue reading

Artwork — S. Todd Wall

  *** S. Todd Wall is an artist/educator that has spent the last 15 years working and making art throughout Asia while returning to his home/studio periodically in rural, upstate South Carolina, USA.… Continue reading


ARTIST STATEMENT I often think about the fragility of the body and how it relates to memory, my own as well as in a broader context. I am interested in exploring memory and… Continue reading

Pictures — Laura Kathleen Marsico

Click Image to Enlarge. *** Laura Kathleen Marsico is a fan of animals, music and plants. She is living in Pittsburgh, PA while attempting to solve a few of life’s mysteries.

FEATURED ARTIST — Jennifer Moore

ARTIST STATEMENT In my work, I attempt to investigate an unworldly narrative that exists only within the confines of my photographic frame. I also seek to explore the notion of consequences. Themes typically… Continue reading

8 paintings — Lori Kashellack

Click Images to View Larger Format