Inside Story Paintings — Jan Donley

“Jan Donley’s Inside Story Paintings combine her love of train riders and her love of literature. All of her art is painted and layered on an iPad screen. She uses an app called Paper to render original drawings and paintings of train riders reading actual books and newspapers, then she transfers these paintings into another app called Procreate, where she layers behind the train riders various texts that she imagines them reading. In the case of “Inside Story 6,” Donley includes music as some of these riders are clearly listening through earbuds. Donley wants to explore the ways in which reading (and in some cases, listening) transports us, takes us inside worlds we may never physically go. Donley likes that exploration in juxtaposition to an actual train ride from point A to point B. She is also fascinated with how we co-exist in actual time while inside our minds, hearts, and bodies, we are existing elsewhere.”

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Jan Donley writes, paints, and teaches in Boston, Massachusetts. Her artwork is represented by Stewart Clifford Gallery in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Her writing is represented by Linda Epstein of Emerald City Literary Agency.