The Plot–David L. Williams

I well remember one book I’d been reading,
But not the title, author, or its ending,
And even though I saw where it was heading,
It caught me off guard with its rendering

The figure of a man who stood out screaming
Upon a bridge which seemed to have no ending
With melting clocks in otherworldly dreaming
Which drooped about face over board descending,

Since I had been appalled by flowers of evil,
When then a big bug took on Gregor Samsa,
I backwards stepped from Escher’s 4D stencil
But only strummed a blue guitar in answer,

Ambiguously, beyond ethereal,
An emblematic bird bath of surreal.

David L Williams is recently retired from 34 years teaching high school English in Lincoln, Nebraska, his primary residence since he went to college there in the 80s. His poetry has mostly been written since May of 2021, and he has only recently started trying to publish. For inspiration, he enjoys sitting on the two steps leading to their patio and looking out back. More about David and his poetry at